What is Canoe Polo?

Two teams in short kayaks play on a pitch, (either in a swimming pool or on a lake) , which have two goals suspended at either end of the pitch. The goals are 1m by 1.5m and suspended 2m from the water level. A waterpolo ball , about the size of a soccer ball, is thrown (or flicked with the paddle), by the players with the object being to put the ball into the goal!! As often as possible.

There are rules, (lots of them!). For a guide you could look at either of the following sites.


Clapham Team

We have run two teams that have entered local, national and international tournaments. We now run just one team but this may change if there are enough members wanting to re-start our 'B' team.

Our 'A' team have competed in the National Leagues run by the British Canoeing since 1990. We started in Div 4 South East and have slowly worked our way up the leagues. We are currently about to start our 6th season in Division 2 South having come 8th out of 12 teams last season. Our challenge for the 2019-20 season is to again avoid relegation at the end of the season and try to get in the top six!  The old 'B' team (known as "Claphamothers"), used to play in Division 4 South East.

Both teams have played in local tournaments with other clubs, and in National Leagues, National Championships, and large tournaments in the UK such as Hull and Liverpool. We also venture abroad onto the continent about once a year to competitions such as Amsterdam, Sluis, Ypres, Charleroi. Most large competitions are now split into leagues, so as to give level competition for all teams. Occasionally our 'A' team has played against some of the top teams, although we have never achieved 'giant killers' status!